The number 13 green on June 14th, 2019. The green is in good condition.

West Hills


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This is my first blog entry as the Superintendent at West Hills Golf Course, but not my first blog written from the the perspective of Superintendent. Prior to taking the position of Superintendent at West Hills I was the Superintendent at Oakfield Golf and Country Club, and ran a blog dedicated the maintenance team there.
I’ve decided to start a blog about my time as a Super in Fredericton to share information about the workings of the golf course from my perspective. Hopefully you folks will gain some incite into our efforts and maybe learn about how we function.
With the devastating winter we have had, the timing seems appropriate to share how we arrived in this situation and how we plan to overcome the challenges that came with it. Please subscribe to the blog or follow me on twitter @WestHillsSuper to get updates on the golf course.