West Hills - Golf

West Hills



From the 1980’s, Hill Bros has envisioned a unique recreational style community developed with a master plan. A park setting with abundant land, just minutes from downtown Fredericton, was assembled over the course of three decades. The centerpiece of this development is a Huxham Golf designed 18-hole championship golf course and club house. With walking trails and cart paths designed throughout the community, along with being minutes from all major city services and amenities, the goal of creating a recreational lifestyle community was in reach.

The first phase of residential development in West Hills was completed in 2003, but the past decade has seen its challenges with the direction of the golf course. After previous delays getting the course started, Hill Bros took direct control of the development in association with award winning golf course designers Darrell and Warren Huxham in 2010. Keeping with their master plan for a recreational lifestyle community, Hill Bros and Huxham Golf Design have worked side by side since 2012 to develop Fredericton’s newest championship golf course, West Hills Golf.